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About Us

Our Story

At LocalTales, we’re on a mission to empower community members.

We want locals to be better-informed about their neighbourhood.

We want to create a one-stop shop for locals to go and find everything they need to know about their local area. In this way, we like to see LocalTales as a knowledge hub; a place to go for expert advice and insights into local communities.

Wherever you are, you should be able to head to LocalTales to find solutions near you.

So, whether you’re after a new restaurant, an expert hairdresser, a personal trainer, a florist, a plumber, an event for the weekend, or information on fantastic local deals, we can provide insights on local businesses near you.

We’re also looking to empower business owners. We know that part of the challenge for local businesses is raising awareness of their products and services. By listing your business on LocalTales, you gain potential access to a whole new audience of locals in your community.

Our Vision

We’re not simply providing solutions.

At LocalTales, we want to rebuild communities.

We want to enable community members to support local businesses they may not necessarily be aware of.

We want to facilitate conversation between locals to share their reviews, insights, and expertise.

We want to let businesses reach new audiences and get their products and services seen by locals.

In this way, we want to build connections between locals and the businesses in the area to forge a genuine community spirit.

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