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Are You Harnessing Social Media For Your Business?

Effective use of social media channels is essential to maximise your business's success. Here are a few simple social media marketing tips and ways to harness your social media presence!

Social Media Media For Your Business

Establishing your business on various social media platforms should come before you even launch your business. It helps you drum up interest via an effective social media marketing strategy to ensure that your business hits the ground running. Let's look at some social media marketing tips that will take your social media advertising to the next level!

Use All Of The Most Popular Social Media Platforms

First, you must ensure you maximise your social media presence across multiple platforms. Ensuring you have all of the most popular social media platforms covered - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - can help you maximise your social media reach.

People often favour one social media platform over the other, so posting across multiple platforms is a sound social media strategy to ensure you reach your target audience. Try and tailor your content to each platform where possible. Twitter and Instagram stories can be helpful places to post minor updates, such as if your business is closing early on a particular day, and to re-share social media users' comments and posts about your business.

Instagram is a handy social media platform to show off your product, as it is a predominantly visual site with only supplemental text. Therefore, fashion and food businesses can make particularly good use of Instagram in their social media marketing strategy to help promote their product.

Use Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business. This is because it is free, yet it makes reaching your target audience more straightforward than ever before. You can use social media channels to boost your business engagement in many ways.

Use social media platforms to run competitions, such as photo submissions or lucky draws from entrants' emails. This boosts engagement in the short term but can also improve it in the long term as you now have a direct line of communication with entrants.

Other ways to boost engagement through social media platforms include hosting 'account takeovers', where another local business or influencer takes over your social media and creates content for you. This can help boost engagement and help you gain more followers across your social media platforms due to fans and followers of the person taking over.

Use Geo-Targeting

Geo-Targeting is an excellent way to get the most out of your social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all come with Geo-Targeting features that help you reach your target audience. This allows you to tailor your marketing strategy to boost your local audience engagement, meaning your advertising will only be shown within a distance you can determine. This makes for the most efficient use of your advertising efforts on a social media platform.

You can also use Geo-Targeting through your social media platform to target particular demographics. For example, you can target people on Twitter based on Twitter's analytics of their tweets, likes and conversations through their social media accounts. This means your social media strategy can be tailored to people in your area and those with a pre-existing and documented interest in what it is you wish to advertise!

Consistency Is Key

Being consistent with your posts on each social media site is key. For Instagram, you or someone within your business may have to craft each post themselves. However, Twitter users can schedule Tweets ahead of time, so they come out at specific times, so once you've got them set up, they take care of themselves! For this reason, Twitter is a particularly useful social media platform, as it allows business social media accounts to create content that posts at regularly scheduled times and therefore maintain engagement and awareness with minimal effort. However, you can also use social media management tools to help with this later!

Encourage Engagement

A good way to increase the pull your social media posts have is to create content that encourages engagement from your followers. Most social media platforms come with an option to create polls, which are a great method for driving engagement. 

Ask questions of your audience to say feel like they are being engaged with, as this will increase their likelihood to engage in turn. Simple things like asking Twitter users their favourite of your products, then organising a giveaway of that product can make customers feel valued. Likewise, answering your followers in your comments can contribute to a feeling of community and increase engagement overall.

Use A Social Media Management Software

Social Media management tools are a great for your to ensure you are managing all of your social channels efficiently. Social media scheduling apps can help you lock in all of your posts and content ahead of time, so they will post at regular scheduled intervals across your social channels. It is important to remember to reply to comments and engagement in these scheduled posts, however, which is an effective use of some of the time a social media scheduling app saves you.

If you want to get more advanced and take your social platform use to the next level, you can use a social media analytics tool. These tools can help you understand the areas in which your social media campaigns are working and where they aren't, so you can decide what you want to spend your time and resources on improving or emphasising.


Now you know how to make the most out of your social media networks, it's time to go out there and put it into practice. It is important to remember that engagement is a two way street; you get engagement from your social media followers by actively engaging with them yourselves and creating a community. Expect new customers and higher engagement across all of your different social media platforms!

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Frequently asked questions

    • Do I Have To Use Social Media For My Business?

      Not using social media to help promote your business puts you at a significant disadvantage. As it is free, it is by far the easiest way to ensure awareness of your brand is increased. Even just posting regular updates and pictures of your product or your service can provide a great advertisement for your business, and amassing followers can help build social proof.

    • Which Social Media Platforms Should I Use?

      As a rule, it is best to have an account on all of the most popular social media networks; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With these bases covered, you drastically increase the chances of potential customers becoming aware of and finding your business.

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