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Finding Local Bricklayers to Build a New Wall

If you’re looking to have a new wall built close to your home, you may find yourself needing to rely on contractors to help you to make sure the job gets done properly. If this is the case, you may be completely at a loss for where to start! 

By reading these tips ahead, you will be able to get a running start on finding a local bricklayer to help ease your wall building woes!

Ask Around For Local Bricklayers!

If you’re looking to find a trustworthy bricklayer for your new wall,then you can’t go wrong with word of mouth. If you know anyone who has recently had a new wall constructed, whether they be family, friends, or even a neighbour, don’t hesitate to ask them if they can get you in contact with the person who built it. 

This is a great method of finding the right person, as you are able to closely inspect their previous work, and the feedback of people you know is great certification that they are qualified for the task!

Don’t forget to ask around online too! If your local area has any dedicated facebook groups or forums, then make a point of asking around on those platforms for recommendations for local bricklayers. Many people on such platforms will have had experience with them ,and will be able to point you in the right direction!

Scour The Internet For Local Bricklayers!

One of the most valuable resources of our modern age, the internet, is perfect for getting in contact with local tradespeople and the work they do! Use search engines such as Google, or Bing to search for local bricklayers, which will lead you in the direction of trade websites, articles counting down the best bricklayers, and even a list of local bricklayers, alongside their contact information and previous client feedback!

Trade websites are a useful resource for making informed decisions on tradespeople, as such platforms allow for businesses to host information regarding the nature of their work, their contact details, their accolades, qualifications and experience, as well as previous client feedback. These websites seek to make researching local tradespeople less of a hassle, by bridging the gap between the client and the professional!

Social media may also be an Avenue of potential. Many small businesses, including local tradespeople advertise their work on these platforms, so it is worth searching to see if any nearby tradespeople can be reached there. Many social media platforms such as facebook also make it easier to get in contact with local businesses, by allowing you to use their built in messaging services to ask questions, or address concerns!

Search Within Your Local Area Personally!

If you were to venture out to wander around your local area, you may be able to find a number of advertisements for bricklaying services within your area. These can be found in posters, billboards, or even bulletins. These posters and billboards can be found anywhere, from bus stops, to benches, and even local supermarkets! Keep your eye out, in case you find the perfect person through one of these means!

Many bricklayers also operate from their own work vehicles; it is worth keeping your eye out for these vehicles as they may have contact information on the side, and a description of the services they provide. You may see these vehicles either driving through town, or even parked outside of buildings. 

Does your area also have a local diy store? If so, then it is also well worth popping in to browse the selection of bricks, and other materials that will go into your new wall. You will be able to find inspiration for styles and even colours of bricks. 

Make sure to ask for help if you need it, too. Many staff members within the store will be able to help you to make decisions, even making recommendations for materials based on the local weather conditions, and which bricks will hold up best. Diy store staff may also be able to get you in contact with local bricklayers, or the store may have a bulletin board where local tradespeople can advertise their services.

Get Talking To Your Local Bricklayers!

Once you have decided on a few potential bricklayers for your job, you should make a point of inviting them to your location, so that they can get an idea for what needs doing, and where. This will then allow them to estimate the amount of time the job will take, what materials are needed, and thus, the overall cost of the job. These quotes are important to have, so that you can compare and contrast the bricklayers with one another, in order to make an informed decision. 

As well as this, you should discuss the price with the bricklayer, so that the two of you can come to an amicable decision on costs. You could also use the costs for other bricklayers to convince some of them to give you a highly competitive price!

Make sure that your local bricklayer also has appropriate credentials reflective of the job ahead. Most tradespeople would be more than willing to hand you a list of their credentials, so if they don’t, it is probably best not to hire them.

How Many Bricks Get Laid In A Day?

This will be affected by the shape of the wall, and the materials that the bricks are constructed from. On average, many bricklayers can expect to place around 800 bricks a day. This number can be increased, but that may be indicative of a rushed job, so a good balance between output and time spent needs to be met.

How Much Does A Bricklayer Cost?

This depends on the extent of the work that needs doing, and the materials that are needed to do it. The cost can also be affected by the size of the bricklayer’s company. A smaller bricklayer business may cost slightly less to hire.

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