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How to Advertise My Business Locally

If you're a local business owner looking to advertise your brand more effectively within your local area, look no further. Here we will discuss some of the best ways to advertise within your community!

The Importance Of Advertising Within Your Local Community

The local community is everything to a local business. It is where the overwhelming majority of your prospective customers are; therefore, they are the target audience you want to dedicate your efforts towards.

However, effectively advertising locally is about more than marketing efforts, advertising in the local newspaper and social media marketing- though these are essential too. Integrating organically in the local community by participating in local events, hosting or participating in charity events, and attending local networking events to meet other small business owners are all crucial ways to build your overall presence in your locale.

Read on as we explore all of these methods in depth!

Start By Integrating Into Your Local Community!

Before we look at the specific advertising methods, you can use them as part of your marketing strategy to promote your business in your local areas. You must take steps to integrate your small business into your community.

This will give you a better base to launch your marketing strategy, as you will be part of a larger overall community with a broader reach. This will allow you to share existing customers with other local businesses and help each other. You can do this by forming partnerships with suppliers, hosting charity events, or attending local markets.

Likewise, joining your local Chamber of Commerce can positively affect your credibility and help you network with other business contacts in your area. This will all provide a solid foundation from which to promote your business.

How To Advertise Your Local Business

Now that you've built a solid base to launch your local marketing strategy let's look at some specific ways you can advertise locally!

Ensure You Have A Google Business Profile

Registering a Google Business profile is easy and ensures your business is accessible with any local search. A complete business profile will also contain all your relevant contact information, which is very important.

However, there are other essential benefits a Google business profile can offer you that are particularly helpful for a local business. It will enable your business to show up on Google Maps. This can be a massive benefit to your business. People conducting a local search will not only have your business page show up in their search results, but they will also be able to see exactly where you are located and how to get there!

Make Sure Your Business Is In Local Directories!

Online directories are a great way to promote your business passively! You must ensure your details are registered with an excellent local directory such as Local Tales. After this, anyone searching for local businesses in your area will see your business in the local listings!

This is highly useful as it is another way to ensure you appear to as many potential customers as possible. This is the case whether users are conducting a specific search for your kind of small business or whether they are just scrolling through local listings and happen upon your business page. It is a great way to promote your business without having to do anything other than register! Appearing in local business listings is a tried and tested method to promote your business, and it will also further help your business show up in a Google search for your area.

Advertise In Your Local Newspaper

Though much of our media has moved online, local newspapers are a handy way to advertise. It is cheap and ensures you increase brand awareness among prospective customers in your area. Regular readers of the newspaper are likely to trust the publication, so appearing in it can be like a seal of approval to them.

It is also worth considering that the people who read local papers are also those who often care about shopping with local businesses, so they are certainly a part of your target market!

Use Social Media Platforms & Contact Local Influencers

More generally, effective use of social media advertising and social media platforms is essential to promote your business today! No local advertising strategy is complete without adequately utilised social media channels.

It is the best way to reach and interact with your target audience and establish relationships with local influencers who can help promote your business for you. Essentially, it is free advertising. Social media platforms provide a direct line between you and your local audience. Existing customers can tag your business and share your content, which can help build brand awareness and attract new customers.

Local influencers are essential in helping small businesses reach their target audience. Consider contacting one in your area and coming to an agreement through which they can help promote your business. This is known as influencer marketing.

Utilise Geo-Targeting!

Geo-Targeting is an online marketing tool that delivers specific content to internet users based on their geographic location. It is handy as a way to promote your business as it ensures you are reaching local customers first and foremost. Geo-Targeting efficiently uses your time and resources as a small business owner. This is because your online marketing is directed only to people who live in close enough proximity to your business to be potential customers.

It is not a complicated thing tool to use either! Your Google Business Profile, as well as all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have Geo-Targeting features that allow you to promote your business to those with the highest chance of becoming local customers. It also guarantees that you will show up in local search results without having to spend a penny from your marketing budget.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns are a great local marketing strategy that allows small business owners to reach their target audience directly. While it may be more costly than some digital marketing tactics, it has the advantage of being guaranteed to increase brand awareness by a quantifiable amount.

Direct mail is a tried and tested form of local marketing strategy for small businesses and is a particularly useful way to ensure everyone is aware of your business, drastically increasing your opportunity to attract new customers.

Use A Refer-A-Friend Program

A refer-a-friend program is an excellent way to get your existing customers to help recruit new customers. Offering a reward for referring a friend to your business is a perfect way to build brand awareness, as it can begin a chain of referrals, and before you know it you have many new customers! A good idea can also be to offer a customer loyalty program too, as it will help you to better retain repeat customers!


There are many different ways for a small business to advertise in today's market. It is important to use as many of these approaches as possible, so you can have a multi-pronged approach to better find and retain local customers.

Implement these different local marketing strategies and you will reach your local audience, attracting new customers and keeping them in no time! Another takeaway from this article should be that ensuring your business is integrated into your community is a great way of attracting local customers and is foundational to a successful local marketing strategy.

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