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How to Advertise My Business Locally Through Events

The best place to advertise your business and start making a name for yourself is within your local community. While social media ads and marketing can be beneficial for getting your business name out there, advertising your business to local customers at events can be a great way to make a name for yourself and make a lasting impression.

In this guide, we will take you through the best ways to advertise local businesses through events, focusing on the most dynamic ways to introduce customers to your company and get your name out there! 

Understand your Audience of Local Customers

One of the first steps any business will take is understanding its target audience. Having a thorough knowledge of your target market ensures your advertising ideas aren't wasted on the wrong demographic and will appeal to your audience. 

Regarding local advertising events, you will need to apply this target audience to the events you attend. For example, if you run a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand, attending beauty events and events specializing in organic and cruelty-free produce would make sense. Or, a merchandiser would be able to make big money at local festivals or conventions. 

Thinking about the main heart of your brand is crucial because you will want to attend events that potential customers will participate in due to similar demographic interests. Paying attention to other local businesses offering services similar to yours would be an excellent place to find these events, giving you a stronger idea of your immediate competition and local audience. 

Conduct a Local Search into Profitable Events

Aside from growing awareness of your local business, attending local events should also generate a profit. After all, you will need to travel and set up your stall, which takes time and money. In addition, if you are a local business that makes perishable goods, it becomes even more of an issue when deciding which events are worth attending. 

The best way to figure out if an event is worth attending is by looking at the recent demographics and judging if this event is right for you and your business based on this. Look out for details such as how frequently the event occurs, the average attendance rate, and customer demographics.

From assessing this information, you will be able to leverage your local advertising strategy by only selecting events that make sense to you and your brand. Being selective with events is the best way for small businesses to get known in the local business scene and truly make a name for themselves. 

How Will You Use the Event to Your Advantage? 

It is essential to consider what you will bring to the event and how you plan to make the most of it. For example, if you are planning on bringing an entire booth with you and a range of your products, you will need to look into exactly how much of your stock you should bring to generate the most profit whilst not making things more challenging for yourself. 

Again, you can conduct local searches to get a better idea of the amount of stock other local businesses bring to specific events, seeing how they utilise their time to advertise their brand most effectively. 

Alternatively, you can get involved in events by making the most of the traffic surrounding them. For example, create Google ads directed to similar audiences as those attending the event, and talk to local businesses that attend it frequently to find out how they stand out in the best way. 

Connect with Customers

The purpose of attending local events is to reach local customers more efficiently, but building a relationship with potential customers can be more challenging than it sounds. It would help if you considered advertising ideas for this, whether by having unique business cards including your business social media handles or collecting customer information such as email addresses to enrol them in email marketing campaigns. 

Whichever avenue you choose to go down with customer connections, they can be some of the most valuable aspects of free advertising you can gain from attending these events. Even if customers don't buy products, being enthusiastic and giving them information on your business will persuade them to check you out, which could result in a purchase at a later date, or at least a supportive online follower!

Ensure your Business Listings are at a High Standard

Following on from our previous point, there is no point in pushing customers towards your online presence by using search engines and events if your presence isn't polished and listed in the best way. 

Before going to events, ensure your business portfolio is polished, as you want any of your new potential customers to be impressed when reading previous online reviews and materials. 

Promote your attendance and the event 

Many events will state in their attendance requirements that you should promote the event to your followers and customers. Promoting the event to your existing customers is a great way to ensure that you will have some dedicated supporters attending the event that will generate a buzz around your brand. 

Use social media ads to conduct your online advertising, with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok being great channels to post on. In addition, you can use local SEO to see which phrases and searches are prevalent in your area to generate the most hype around your attendance.

Additionally, you can also create promotions to further encourage people to visit your stand specifically. One of the best local advertising ideas is to offer discounts to those who attend the event or a goodie bag included with purchases that can incentivise members of the public to visit your stall. Remember, the goal is to increase brand awareness and become more well-known in the local business scene, so creating this hype is essential. 

Consider Sponsoring The Event

Becoming an event sponsor is one of the best ways to stand out to local business owners and customers while becoming an integral part of the community. When you sponsor an event, your name is pushed to the front of all advertisements and promotional materials, making it easier than ever for customers to find you on Google local services ads and other local search ads. You will also feel the benefits of free local advertising from publications, including your business name in all news articles regarding the event. 

Of course, sponsoring an event will come with increased responsibilities and will mean that you need to focus on elements that go beyond just thinking about your own business and stall. 

A more simple way to navigate sponsoring events with less responsibility is to donate products to the event. For example, if you have a best-selling product that customers repurchase time and time again, donating some sample sizes of these products to an event can be a great way to throw your name in the ring without even attending! 


If you have tried some of the above points and are still struggling to find the perfect local events for your business, another great step you can take is to network through social media. If you are a business owner, you should have a personal LinkedIn page to ensure that you can connect with like-minded local business owners. 

Once you start making connections with other small businesses, you can come together to create your own events. Remember, not all networking events need to be huge. For example, you could host a function for an afternoon in a cafe with a few other businesses, in which you all invite your customers. Then, from multiple sources of invitation, you would introduce your customers to new companies, and the other businesses would introduce new customers to you.

Even though business is an undoubtedly competitive industry to be a part of, you can help each other and connect with business owners who make a difference to your business. Collaborating with influencers can also be a great way to introduce more people to your brand and create a local buzz that will excite customers and other businesses. 

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Frequently asked questions

    • How do I promote my business at a local event?

      The first step to promoting your business at a local event is to find out which events your customers attend, to ensure that any events you partake in are relevant to your target audience. From here, you can grow your following and promote events with digital marketing materials.

    • How do you promote your business in the local community?

      To become a stand-out small business in your local community, you should make the most of social media marketing and targeted ads to ensure your business comes up in local search results while attending local business events to meet customers in the flesh.

    • How can I advertise in my local area?

      Advertising your business locally can be challenging, but using tools such as Google My Business will help with local search results. Whilst focussing on online advertising is great, you should also consider attending local business events to network.

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