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How to Encourage Local Businesses to Offer Free Events

Local events are a great way to create a strong sense of community, and have a great deal of fun at the same time. These events can be hosted by local people, and funded by kind donations from people in the community, by event committees, who charge a fee for entry, or even local businesses, who may choose to host events for free! However, there are still a fair few local businesses who don’t yet see the benefits of hosting a free event. How do you go about convincing them as such?

Read on to find out some of the best ways you can encourage local businesses to offer free events!

Remind Local Businesses Of The Power Of Social Media:

Many times, when a local business is hesitant to offer an event for free, it is mostly to do with the potential costs of the event, and the risk of not recouping those losses through sales of extras, such as food or other products. Local businesses may also assume that free events are unlikely to draw a crowd. 

Whenever you attend an event in your local area, make sure to take exciting and vibrant photographs of your time there, and upload them to your social media feeds, alongside engaging captions. Make sure to tag these posts with a geographical location too, as many local people, and especially local businesses, keep tabs on posts that are tagged nearby to their location, so that they can keep abreast of local trends. When they see posts of smiling faces at free local events, these businesses will be driven to pursue a free event of their own, seeing that they can still be successful.

How To Create Petitions To Encourage Free Local Events:

Another great and effective way to encourage local businesses to create free events is to create petitions. These can be done very easily online, and even in person. The internet has many useful petitioning applications that you can use, where you can easily put together an effective petition, and then just as easily share it about, via social media platforms, or via your email and sms contacts. 

If you wanted to create a petition in person, simply create a signup sheet, and head out onto your local high street. Politely approach people that are out and about, and ask them if they would be willing to sign your petition. Do not be pushy if they do not want to sign it, as that is a great way to discourage other people from signing it as well.

Host Your Own Event To Encourage Others:

This one may be slightly more difficult, and may cost you some decent funds, but will be well worth your while in encouraging local businesses to offer free events. 

If your local area doesn’t host many events, let alone free events, then it may be worthwhile hosting your own. First, gather the required permission to host such an event in a public space, and then get to work on organising it.

If you’re worried about the potential costs of running an event, there is a great solution to help get your event off the ground: local donations! Local people within your area may be similar to you, and hoping for more free events in the area. If you were to get out and advertise your potential event, then you may be able to collect funding donations to help put the event together. 

Once you have put together an idea for your event, and planned out the majority of it, you should also head into your local high street and show your plans to local businesses. These businesses may be interested in setting up stalls within your event to seek some of their products, and drive foot traffic to their stores.

Make sure to advertise your event accordingly, and promote it wherever you can, to attract people in the local area to pay you a visit.

If your event goes over well, then, not only will it be hugely beneficial to your local community, fostering a strong sense of belonging, but it will also encourage local businesses to attempt similar events, by proving to them that free events can be financially beneficial, especially if they held any stalls within the event!

When Should An Event Be Promoted?

Generally, you want to advertise your event as early as possible. This is so that your potential attendees can make appropriate plans, and make a good effort to come to your event, by allowing them to clear up their schedules. However, you don’t want an event to be planned too early, as you run the risk of your attendees forgetting that an event is coming up.

How Do You Promote A Business At A Local Event?

If you have a business and you want to promote it at an upcoming local event, there are many things you can try to maximise foot traffic to your business and it’s stall. Generally, you should try your best to drive up engagement. Give away freebies, set up small games, and have competitions and prize draws. These are a great way to get people over, so that you can then discuss your business.

As well as this, you may want to become a sponsor for your event, so that the event can run as smoothly as possible, and so that your business will subsequently be promoted on advertising.

How Do You Promote Local Events?

If there is a free event happening in your local area soon, then you should make sure to help and promote the event if you want to see more events like it in the future. Tell your family and friends about the event, and invite them to attend it with you. Post about the event on social media, and make sure to mention that the event is free of charge.

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