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How to Find a Local Boot Camp Group

Boot camp sessions are great ways to reach your fitness goals and be part of a great community. If you're struggling to find a boot camp in your local area, look no further!

What Is A Boot Camp?

Boot camps are physical training programs, generally done in large groups and conducted by qualified personal trainers. They tend to specialise in high intensity interval training (HIIT) or other forms of high intensity cardio such as circuit training. They often incorporate cardio training as well as resistance training. They have become increasingly popular in recent years as they improve functional fitness, and people enjoy the group training aspect, as it builds a sense of community.

How To Find A Local Boot Camp

So, you want to raise your fitness levels while having fun and getting to experience a sense of community while you do it. A boot camp is a great way to do this, so let's explore how we can help you find one in your area right now!

Use An Online Local Directory

An online directory is a great way to find things in your local area. Local directories have stood the test of time and are now updated for the modern world. They are your best friend when it comes to finding businesses near you- including a personal trainer, high intensity interval training, or in this case, boot camp sessions! Local Tales is a great local directory for Australia. It can help you find a boot camp and achieve your fitness goals in no time!

Set Your Search Terms

Using an online directory to find a boot camp or any other service in your area couldn't be simpler. First, enter your suburb or postcode into the search bar. This will help narrow down all of the results to only those in your local area, so you won't have to sift through results that are not directly relevant to what you're looking for.

Then you can refine your search by entering the category you wish to search within- for example, fitness- to gain more specific results. For highly focused results, you can enter exact keywords to get exactly what you are looking for in your search results. For example, you might enter 'boot camp sessions', 'outdoor bootcamp', or 'personal trainer'. You will be given results tailored to precisely what you are looking for, complete with contact details. You will also find the address of the business or where the classes take place, and user reviews and ratings of the boot camp to help you decide which training program to choose to help hit those fitness levels.

Consult User Reviews

One of the great things about Local Tales is that it contains user reviews, so you can decide which boot camp training program you want to help take your fitness level up a gear! Some users may leave a star rating, whereas others will leave more in-depth reviews. It is always worth checking out user reviews, as they often contain useful information you may want to know before joining a particular boot camp.

For example, a review might inform you about whether it is an outdoor boot camp, what the conditioning program is like, if it helped users lose weight, burn body fat or build core strength, whether the boot camp offers personal training sessions and much more. Then you can make an educated decision on where to go!

Make Contact

Now all that is left for you to do to start hitting your training goals is to make contact with the boot camp you have chosen. You may wish to gain all your information from the boot camps listing on your local directory, or you could call or email using the contact details provided to learn a little more about the service. Consider asking whether it is an indoor or outdoor boot camp, what equipment they have (medicine balls, weights etc), and if personal training sessions are available for a more one on one workout to help you achieve your training goals.

Leave A Review!

Be sure to leave a review so other people in your position in future can find the best boot camp in their area too. Consider leaving an in-depth review, so others can know as much as possible before attending. Information such as how the personal trainers help you achieve realistic goals, build functional strength, whether it is an indoor or outdoor boot camp if you made new friends there- all of this is useful information for someone looking for a boot camp online.

Search Fitness Trainers With A Search Engine

An alternative method of looking for bootcamp fitness classes in your area is to search for specific personal trainers. You may have heard of one through word of mouth, and which to find them online. By giving a search engine your location details, they can Geo-Target your search results so that results more relevant to you and your local area come up on your search engine results page.

Search On Social Media

Conducting a search for particular keywords - for example, 'personal trainer' or 'outdoor bootcamp' - can be a good way to find a boot camp in your area, as many personal trainers and other small businesses will run their business through social media, or at least have a social media page with information on their classes.


Bootcamps are a great way to boost your fitness levels, and meet like minded people who can provide you with motivation and a sense of community in your classes while you do it! Our handy guide will make it a breeze to find a class near you, so the only hard work you have to do is when you train!

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