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How to Find a Local Dry Cleaner

Are you looking for nearby dry cleaning services? Perhaps you have some tricky clothing items that need extra special care. This guide will help you find great dry cleaners near you to help you with any laundry or garment cleaning and repairs you may need.

What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a process that does not involve water but uses other liquids, such as tetrachloroethylene. This type of cleaning is used for high-quality clothing items you do not want to damage. For example, you may take an expensive suit to the dry cleaners or a wedding dress.

When looking for a dry cleaner, you should ensure that you find an excellent service that you can rely on. Read on to see some steps you can take that will help you achieve this.

Ask around

The first thing you can do, especially if you are new to the area, is to ask people for recommendations! Not only might this give you the answer you are looking for, but it is also a great way to spark a conversation with someone. Speak to your friends, family, or neighbours who live near you, and see if they have had any experience with dry cleaning.

You can also speak to other small businesses in the area to get their insight on the local dry cleaners. This way, you are likely to find the popular services that other businesses recommend while helping out a local business in the process.

Read reviews

Reviews are the most obvious method for finding a fantastic local service. Most of the time, reviews will be heavily one-sided, with there being lots of amazing reviews and lots of terrible ones. This can help you separate the dry cleaners with a good reputation or a bad reputation.

Facebook can be a great place to look for reviews, especially if you join groups or communities for your local area. Laundry service is not rare, so there should be lots of reviews out there to help put you on the right track. Reviews can also identify which locations have helpful staff and friendly service.

Do your research

If you find that there are too many options for you to choose from when it comes to dry cleaning services, you can conduct some of your own research to help speed the process along. You can find out what a typical dry cleaning service looks like or see which locations offer competitive pricing. Here are some things you can look out for when searching for dry cleaning services.


Dry cleaners with years of experience behind them are likely going to be a better option than a new business. Experienced staff will know how to tackle tricky issues and may make fewer mistakes. A long-term operated business will most likely pay you and your garments extra attention, especially if they hold a solid reputation within the community.

Check out their website

This can only be done if the dry cleaners have an up-to-date website. In 2023, this is something that can make a good business stand out from its competitors, so the company website is an excellent place to look for a lot of things. You can also find out information about prices, services, and more.

Find out what services they offer

Whether you are looking for a speciality dry cleaner or a standard dry cleaning service, there is a chance they will offer premium services. An example of this could be servicing wedding dresses. A premium service like this will need professional care, so if a dry cleaner offers specialist services, they likely have some experienced staff on hand.

Other speciality services could include stain removal or alterations. You can also explore whether the dry cleaners offer delivery service or if they are pick-up only. Some services may offer free pick-up, but delivery services often cost extra.

Ask about their process

Enquire about the dry cleaning process. This way, you will find out if the dry cleaners understand their own process and essentially know their stuff. If you have any knowledge of dry cleaning, you can also evaluate whether you think they are a good choice for you.

Avoid franchises

Dry cleaning franchises often focus on convenience and speed, leaving room for error and lack of special care. While they can be incredibly convenient, with their readily available services, if you are looking to get an expensive garment or something like a wedding gown serviced, you are better off looking for an independent business.

Try out your options

If you have found numerous good dry cleaners and are unsure of which to choose, you can essentially do a trial run. Take some inexpensive, non-precious items of clothing to your chosen dry cleaners, and see how they get on. You can get an idea of the price, the treatment, and the general vibe of the dry cleaning store.

After you have tried some local dry cleaners, you can return to the ones that provided you with excellent service. Depending on your needs, each dry cleaning location will offer something different, so if you are faced with many options, trial and error can be the best way to find the perfect dry cleaners.

We hope this has helped, and you can now comfortably search for the best dry cleaners in your area. We recommend never taking a precious item of clothing to a new store and finding a dry cleaning service that you know will provide your clothes with proper care and attention.

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Frequently asked questions

    • How much do dry cleaners cost?

      Depending on the individual business, dry cleaners can range in price from $5 to over $35. The average cost for a typical dry cleaners service is around $10–$15. You can enquire about the price of a specific garment with your local dry cleaners to see what sort of cost they have.

    • Why should I use a dry cleaner?

      Dry cleaners use a method of cleaning to ensure your clothes can be refreshed without the risk of being damaged. You can leave your clothes at the dry cleaners for them to take care of, and you can take back your good-as-new, refreshed clothes for a mid to small price without putting much effort into it yourself.

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