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How to Find Free Local Competitions

Competitions and giveaways are an exciting and enticing way to get a hold of some highly valuable products, totally free of charge! However, some competitions have entry fees attached, that you must pay before your name is entered. As a result, you may be looking for local competitions with free entry. How do you go about finding them? Especially within your local area?

Look no further than this comprehensive guide, as we go through some of the best methods to find free local competitions. Read on to find out more!

How To Ask Around To Find Free Local Competitions:

A great way to find anything in your local area is to ask those who know the area well. Do you have friends or family who also live in your area? Or even next door neighbours? Try asking them if they are aware of any worthwhile free local competitions that may be worth entering into. You may be surprised at what they can suggest to you. 

It is also worth asking anyone else you know within the local area, if they have any recommendations. However, you could also ask other local people that you’ve never even met if they have any recommendations! If your local area has a dedicated Facebook group or a dedicated forum, for users to discuss local happenings, then make sure to take advantage of this! Post on these platforms enquiring for recommendation of free local competitions, and it is highly likely that even just one person in the area will know of something that will interest you!

How To Find Free Local Competitions Online!

As mentioned before, Facebook is a great platform for finding local events, giveaways, or promotions. Many small businesses or events will have dedicated pages where they can post regularly about themselves. Use Facebook to your advantage by searching for local businesses in your area, and combing through their posts, to find out if they are hosting any competitions or giveaways of their own. 

Don’t forget to use search engines like Google, as well. By making a simple google search for free local competitions, you will likely be met with a plethora of useful results, such as websites for local businesses or events where they are advertising a competition, or even local news headlines, which can alert you to competitions in the local area. 

Many businesses and events may choose to host their competitions on these platforms as well as advertising them, so you can enter a local competition easily from your own Facebook feed!

How To Find Free Competitions In The Local Press!

If your local area has any independent or large scale newspapers, newsletters or magazines, make sure to check with them regularly too! Magazines and newspapers will very often host competitions for their readers, with many of them being free! Some competitions may incur certain charges, such as requiring you to text or phone up a certain number. However, most competitions will now be hosted mostly online, making them easier to host, and thus more likely to be free.

Look Around For Local Competitions!

If you’re looking for absolutely anything within your local area, then one of the best ways to find it is to get out and seek it out. Visit your local town centre and browse the local businesses, and maybe even the stalls, if your town hosts a regular market sale. Many of these businesses, even including large chain stores will be hosting exciting competitions with exciting prizes. 

You should also check local market stalls, if your local area has a regular market, as many of them host competitions and giveaways to advertise their products! As well as this, you should check around your local area for posters, or even bulletin boards, where businesses or events may be advertising a competition or giveaway of their own.

How To Use Local Media To Find Free Competitions:

As mentioned earlier, local print media, such as newspapers, newsletters, and magazines are a great way to find out about exciting things that are happening in your local area. As well as these mediums, you should also check to see if your area has dedicated radio or television stations. These stations make it easy to keep right up to date with local events, and they may even host their own competitions from time to time, that can be easily entered for free. If not, they may also advertise various competitions or giveaways that are being hosted by other local businesses, so that you can easily stay on top of the best competitions in your area!

What Are The Best Online Competition Sites?

Competitions have a very loyal follower base, who refer to themselves as “Compers”, people who seek out and enter as many competitions as they can, in order to maximise their chance of grabbing exciting freebies. As a result, there are a number of websites hosted by Compers, that seek to make it easy to find competitions. Many Compers will also be able to point you in the direction of other great competition sites!

How Can I Win Online Competitions?

While winning a competition is never guaranteed, there are multiple small things you can do to increase your odds of winning. Many online competitions allow you to enter multiple times, one time a day; this will increase the odds of your name being drawn and getting a hold of the grand prize! 

You might also want to target small scale competitions in your local area or online, as these are more likely to have fewer entrants, which also significantly increases your odds of winning!

How Are Giveaway Winners Chosen?

Most often, giveaway winners are chosen completely at random, with each entry assigned a number unique to it. When the time comes to announce a winner, the giveaway hosts will choose a random number, and whichever entrant is represented by that number is chosen as the winner! Competitions, on the other hand, are more likely to involve some kind of competitive element, such as producing a product, which is then judged, and means that you will be more likely to win!

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