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How to Find Local Businesses Offering Freebies

Freebies are great. Everyone knows this. Getting something for free that would have otherwise cost a decent amount of money is one of life’s simple pleasures. But how do you go about finding these freebies ahead of time? And how do you find them within your local area specifically?

Prepare to read on, as we go through some of the best methods to find local businesses offering freebies, and how you can use them to your own advantage!

How To Find Local Freebies Online:

When searching for freebies in your local area, or just about anything else, the internet is your best port of call! Make a search on your favourite search engine for local businesses that are currently offering freebies, and you may be met with a number of results, from websites and blogs counting down businesses with freebies, coupon hosting websites, or even location data on specific businesses that are offering the best freebies!

Search engines such as Google also allow businesses to directly host their own coupon codes and discount codes, which can then later be redeemed in store by the customer! Many of these coupons may even be offering products entirely for free, so it is always worth checking your favourite businesses in your area, to see if they are currently doing any valuable promotions.

Coupon websites, such as Groupon, are also well worth taking a browse through. These websites let you browse multiple coupons across thousands of stores, and even allow you to focus your search entirely on local businesses. Take a look at your local businesses on these websites, to see if you can grab any good coupons for freebies that you can take with you the next time you visit.

How To Attend Local Events To Find Freebies:

Does your local area host any trade fairs, town fetes, or sporting events? If so, it would be well worth attending one of these events to see what various freebies you can find. Many local vendors, businesses, and independent artists will likely set up small stands at these events, where they will give away freebies to entice new customers in. These are great, not only for those businesses, who see an uptick in the amount of customers in their actual store locations, but they are also beneficial to you, as they give you a greater sense of your local area, and the businesses that can be found within it.

These stalls may also host numerous competitions and prize draws, so it would also be worth entering these, to see if you could be in with a chance of winning some fantastic freebies!

How To Ask Around For Local Freebies:

Another great way to find freebies from businesses in your local area is to ask around! Ask those you know, such as family and friends, if they know any businesses that give away freebies, or that are currently holding any exciting promotions where you could grab a few freebies! 

You can also ask local business owners, if their business, or even other businesses in the area are currently giving away any freebies. Small business owners in local areas are likely to have strong connections, so you may be surprised at what information they can give you!

And don’t forget the most important tool at your disposal; the Internet! Find out if your local area has any dedicated Facebook groups or forums, as these are often full of local people who enjoy discussing the local area, and may be highly knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the area. 

Post a quick question on one of these platforms inquiring for local businesses that are offering any freebies. A number of users may have multiple suggestions they could make, and there may even be a few surprising results that you hadn’t considered, so it is well within your best interest to see what those with a strong local knowledge can tell. 

Visit Local Businesses In Person:

Local businesses treasure in person foot traffic; it’s how they drive a large portion of their sales, and determine whether their business is successful. As a result, local businesses like to make the most of their in person customers, by offering loyalty programmes, extra discounts, and even, the occasional freebie!

If you want to find good freebies from local businesses in your area, then you should make a point of visiting them, as they may have a number of freebies to offer you, that they may not otherwise advertise on their website or online presence, in order to help you feel like a valued customer. 

Why Is It Important To Give Away Freebies?

Freebies help to give customers a sense of what a business has to offer, and what they can expect from their products. If a customer enjoys a freebie, then they are far more likely to pick up a product from that business in the future! Thus, you should definitely make a point of grabbing freebies when you can, as you may just find your next favourite store!

How Do You Offer Freebies To Customers?

Local businesses will generally have a good idea on who their customer base is, and will target their promotions accordingly. For example, if a business sells a product aimed at young adults, they will likely promote their business in areas that these people often frequent, or will do a large amount of promotion via social media. If you want freebies for items that are useful to you, make sure to keep your eye out on social media, and when you are out and about in town!

Do Freebies Increase Sales?

It may be easy to assume that freebies will cause a business to make a loss from offering products for free, but they can actually be hugely beneficial for their overall profits. Freebies create a trust between customer and the brand, without the customer having to pay anything, and freebies 

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