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Top 7 Benefits of Virtual Events

There is no doubt that virtual meetings are becoming a more integral part of our work and social lives. In 2020, we had to adapt to the pandemic and find new ways to stay in contact with one another, and virtual events and meetups became the most popular means of doing so.

Of course, nothing beats the feeling of meeting up with people in person and having a real human connection, but virtual events come with a whole host of benefits that in-person events don't offer. 

In this guide, we will take you through the benefits of virtual events, which may encourage you and other event organizers to schedule your next meeting virtually! 

What is a Virtual Event? 

If you felt confused reading our introduction and have no idea what a virtual event is, don't worry! Put simply; a virtual event is an event that takes place online, allowing attendees to meet up through a virtual event platform like Zoom without needing to leave their house. 

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Events? 

You may be unsure if virtual events are suitable for you or your company, but to help you come to this decision, we have put together the top benefits to consider; 

Reduce Event Costs

Live and in person events can significantly add up costs for organisers, with beverages, venue fees, technology fees, travel costs, and other costs all needing to be accounted for when hosting a physical event. However, many of these costs become unnecessary when opting for a virtual event, saving event organisers money and time. 

Of course, consideration should still be taken when hosting an event virtually, as you will want event attendees to enjoy the event the same way they would in person. Choosing good event management software will help event planners run their online events to ensure that the company is reflected well throughout the event. 


In person events can take a toll on the environment due to event attendees travelling from different locations to meet at one specific point. Virtual events tend not to require as many printing or physical assets, as all information will be stored and viewed digitally, ensuring this harmful process is no longer necessary.

Additionally, there is no need for businesses to order an excessive amount of food and beverages that often end up going to waste for an in person event, further helping virtual events triumph on the sustainability front. 

Speaker Flexibility 

When hosting in person events, there must be thought put into who will be speaking and booking guests, considering how smoothly this will translate to attendee engagement. However, when hosting an event virtually, keynote speakers can collaborate and have increased availability, making events more exciting.

For example, businesses may be able to secure unique and exciting keynote speakers for future events due to their schedules being more flexible due to many of their events taking place online. 

Increased Attendance 

There becomes less of a factor of attendees cancelling and being unable to attend the event due to travel issues or ill health. Instead, online events are much more accessible due to those invited not needing to spend money to attend. 

In addition to this, attendees can participate in the event from any timezone or location. In turn, a far more significant event turnout occurs with virtual events because all outside factors become irrelevant and make attendance much easier for everybody. 

Attendee Feedback

The most prominent element of any event is that attendees should enjoy the occasion and be able to participate in a way that makes them comfortable. When using virtual event platforms, attendees can give feedback more easily than during a live event. 

This feedback is easy to access with most webinar platforms, as analytics are instantly gathered on various virtual event elements. For example, the event host can see analytics on how long attendees stayed on the livestream, how many attendees interacted with polls, and other event elements.

Attendee feedback helps the next event and future virtual events reflect attendees' needs, ensuring that companies deliver on what they promised their employees and customers. 

Blend in Person Events With Digital Events

Some industries may require in person interaction to participate in events, and virtual events can make this a challenge. However, future events can start to run as virtual and hybrid events, merging physical and virtual event elements. 

Having a hybrid setup will ensure that all individuals invited to attend the event can do so in a more straightforward way that reflects their needs. For example, those who can't afford to travel can join by using the virtual platform, and those who prefer to witness the event in person can attend physically. Either way, attendance will still count, and the event will include features that both physical and virtual audiences can make the most of and engage with. 

Organisation Efficiency

Any event planner will know that hosting and organising an event is no easy task and requires a lot of thought and consideration. From picking the perfect venue to ensuring every attribute is within budget, there is much to think about!

However, these factors become no issue regarding virtual events, allowing organisers to spend time creating perfect assets for the event instead of focusing on the venue and other elements. In addition, those hosting virtual events require a much smaller team to set up the event, reducing the cost and time spent on organization processes. 

Which is best for future events? 

While the pandemic is slowly becoming a thing of the past and 2022 has seen the comeback of live events such as festivals, virtual events still have their uses, particularly in the corporate event world. 

During the pandemic, companies started to see how virtual events could save time and costs and have stuck to meeting up through virtual means. Therefore, it is no surprise that many news organizations are opting to host virtual events to save money and not require as many staff members to put on events that still provide attendees with the information and enjoyment they need.

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