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Top Caulfield Restaurants To Get The Best International Cuisines

Indulge in your love for food and experience great flavour and cuisines from different parts of the world, including India, Japan, China, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, France and more.

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Transport your taste buds from Caulfield to around the world with one bite

Caulfield’s restaurants offer a magnificent spot for foodies to explore their love of incredible flavours by trying delicacies from different parts of the world. Prepare your taste buds for an impressive variety of options that span across breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Besides the culinary adventure, these restaurants also offer a vibrant atmosphere that locals enjoy in Caulfield and the entire 3162 postcode.

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Nusantara Indonesian Cuisine

4.3 Ratings

19 Derby Rd, Caulfield East, VIC, 3145

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Explore Caulfield’s restaurants and a host of international cuisine

Caulfield’s restaurants offer a home away from home for lovers of authentic international cuisines and a must-try for food lovers looking to explore and learn about the culture of others through food. The internationally trained chefs in these restaurants are skilled in preparing local and international meals. The training also makes them equipped to deliver international cuisine like bibimbap, pavlova, Indian naan Bread, prawn and snow pea steamed dumplings, slow-cooked chicken laksa, and slow cooker massaman curry, depending on the restaurant’s theme. Caulfield’s restaurants offer a casual venue for dining out while possessing all the elements needed for an entertaining evening in Caulfield and other 31962 suburbs. The unique menu and experience these locations offer often make them fully booked. Although, you can skip a few spots in the queue by making a reservation.

Enjoy a diverse food culture at Caulfield’s restaurants

Blend comfort with culture at one of Caulfield’s Italian restaurants, where you’ll find a menu full of delicious pasta, pizzas, and calzone. Keep an eye out for mid-week deals and set menus that could save you a few extra dollars. If you’re in the mood for a fresh fish dish, why not give sushi a go? Plenty of places offer authentic California rolls, chicken teriyaki rolls, fresh nigiri, salmon and avocado rolls. If you’re on the go, many of these restaurants offer takeaway options, allowing you to grab a quick bite for lunch. At the weekend, why not hit one of Caulfield’s trendy bars for a glass of wine or juicy mocktail with a group of friends or relatives? You could then continue the night at one of 3162’s curry houses for a steaming chicken tikka, beef madras, vegetable korma, and a selection of rice.

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