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Jian Jiang Chinese Medicine Clinic

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Odette MacKenzie

18 March, 2020

So Amazing. Such care and consideration. They really helped my and explained everything to me. I would recommend!!


28 August, 2016

I underwent acupuncture procedures for my back problems with Bill, the pain went away so quickly. A number of my friends with different sorts of pain have had positive outcomes too. I cannot recommend Bill's services enough. He was meticulous when checking my pulse and tongue, advising on the best diet for my health, helping to balance and sustain my 'energy', and managing the pain. I found him to be empathetic, professional and his level of commitment to his clients is beyond question.

Sally G

7 September, 2016

Jian and Bill are wonderful practitioners and people who have completely turned my health around with their skilled treatments and very kind and caring attention. I went to them in very poor health suffering from recurrent chest infections and Chronic fatigue. After regular acupuncture and herbal treatment I have not had a chest infection for over two years and have much better sleep patterns and energy. They have also treated my very elderly parents with herbs resulting in greatly improved physical and mental health. I cannot recommend Jian and Bill highly enough. Their approach is gentle in every way and they are an absolute delight to know.


31 October, 2016

Bill fixed my indigestion and nausea with his herbs. So happy they were recommended to me.


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