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Dundas, Dundas Valley and Telopea all make their home in 2117, New South Wales. Telopea is named for the plant which became the floral emblem of New South Wales, and the original name for the Dundas area was The Ponds, which is still reflected in The Ponds Creek. There are a number of heritage sites in 2117, including Dundas Railway Station and Redstone, and the popular Phillip Ruddock water park in Dundas Valley, which opens during the summer months. If you want to travel outside of summer, there are still plenty of parks and recreational facilities available in the suburb suitable for all ages.


Located 22km away from the Sydney central business district, 2118 contains Carlingford – an area that has quickly urbanised over the years, particularly after World War II. Now, when you visit Carlingford, you’ll find commercial and shopping areas, supermarkets and a variety of stores. Transport links include buses and rail options, taking you to nearby neighbourhoods. However, retaining its history, this location has many heritage sites such as war commemorations, churches and gardens.


Beecroft and Cheltenham are the two main suburbs located in 2119. Beecroft is a picturesque area that contains leafy parks, including Beecroft Park and the smaller Booth Park. In terms of schools, Beecroft has a public school and an Anglican school. In Beecroft, you will also find a vast selection of services, including dental care, hair and beauty services, cafes and carpentry services. Cheltenham is an affluent location offering a huge range of things to enjoy. It contains Cheltenham Oval and Cheltenham Park. If you are searching for educational institutions, the Cheltenham girls high school is one option for your children.


Having a prominent central commercial area, one of the largest in Hornby Shire, means that the area provides many services, shops and restaurants, and all are available to you in 4068! Also in the neighbourhood are many churches of different denominations, schools, leisure and sports activities such as the Pennant Hills Football Club, in addition to many gardens, parks and reserves. The Lane Cove River’s source is situated in Thornleigh and the neighbouring area of Westleigh was once home to the renowned actor Mel Gibson. Both of these locations have many bus and train transport links, taking you to Waitara, Normanhurst and beyond.


Just 18km away from the central business district in Sydney lie the scenic, calm yet industrial suburbs of Epping and North Epping. Classic restaurants, reserves, bays, and tranquil Islands line the perimeters of 2121, making it easy to work, play, and generally have a good time with family and friends in and out of Epping. Epping also serves as a major connecting suburb to other major cities. Yet, within its lush, green borders, there’s a lot to enjoy from the Forest Parks to the local clubs in the area. This decently multicultural suburb in New South Wales is a great place for professionals looking for a less bustling city and families that love the calm and stability Epping guarantees.


Embrace the thriving atmosphere of 2122’s central plaza guaranteed to brighten your day out. Famous for ‘accidentally’ growing the Granny Smith apple, Eastwood closes off the oval and streets to host the Granny Smith festival to celebrate the iconic fruit. Every October in 2122, the grounds are filled with fairground rides, markets, street theatres, parades, apple baking competitions, and fireworks; it’s safe to say you’ll have plenty of entertainment. Marsfield is known for its links to leading scientific institutions such as CSIRO, Macquarie University, and University Hospital.


Boasting attractions such as the Koala Park Sanctuary and the Cumberland State Forest, places which tourists and locals visit, the 2125 area offers plenty of things to enjoy. Take the chance to go shopping in one of the shopping complexes or have a meal in one of the local restaurants – the choice is yours. Another activity you should experience is the chance to go bird watching in the Cumberland State Forest or go for a walk in the green oasis getaway. It is the perfect location in which to escape city life!


2126 is home to both Dural and Cherrybrook suburbs, a mix of Aboriginal heritage and European. This postcode is not only less than 20 miles from Sydney and Bondi Beach, it also has the Dural Nature Reserve and animal centres in the vicinity for fun family days out. With transport links to Sydney from Cherrybrook and the surrounding area, you'll not have to worry about parking spaces on your travels, and 2126 even houses its own Cherrybrook Village Shopping centre for nearby commerce in the neighbourhood.


A suburb on the western shore of Homebush Bay, 2127 is located just 15 kilometres west of the Sydney Central business district with a population of around 7000 people. Much of the suburb is reclaimed land, now featuring notable amenities such as Marina Square shopping centre with over 40 shops, and cycle paths extending through the Sydney Olympic Parklands. Much of 2127 is serviced by bus to transport residents around, which a proposed light rail to be built in the area.


interesting features including St Leonards Park, Shell Cove, and Careening Cove, all located within 1 kilometre of the area. Neutral Bay of 2089 is a harbourside suburb around 1.5 kilometres away from the central business district of Sydney, with a population of over 10,000. Similarly, Kurraba Point is a harbourside suburb that has a lesser population of 1500.


2131 is situated just to the west of the Sydney central business district. Being highly urban, multicultural and culturally diverse makes it a vibrant, lively place to be. Its cultural heritage is rich, while there are also plenty of enjoyable things to experience such as the neighbourhood’s many parks and swimming pools. Alongside the Hammond, Pratten and Ashfield parks, the swimming pools in the Ashfield Aquatic Center will be renovated to include a children’s leisure pool, an outdoor pool and open, green community spaces.


If you love the outdoors and nature, the Croydon Train park and Croydon playground reserve in the 2132 area are the perfect spots for you. But there are also other amenities for eating out and shopping among other things, including the cafes of Elizabeth Street, a pilates studio, a bakery, and a gym, in addition to many other stores and services. There is a really exciting festival named the Queen Street Music Festival. Being free means that anyone can attend and it often features local bands that play great music!


Getting to the Sydney central business district from the 2133 area is effortless, so if you are located in Croydon Park or Enfield South you have easy access to various amenities. But within these two areas, you’ll discover plenty to do. In Croydon Park, there is a shopping area that features various eateries and cafes. You will also notice that the area is well connected, with several bus routes taking you to Drummoyne and Ashfield. But what is also great about Croydon Park are its many parks, including Rosedale reserve and Flockhart Park. In Enfield South, you have access to a few essential amenities, which include cafes and chemists. Enfield South is also home to the Enfield Olympic Swimming Pool.


Being just 10km away from the Sydney central business district means that in 2134 you can access the many offerings of Burwood while having the city on your doorstep. And there are many things to do in the Burwood location including going shopping in the main shopping strip, taking in the fresh air and idyllic scenes in Burwood Park, having access to a playground and listening to the Christmas carols during that special time of year. You can easily travel around to neighbouring areas by railway and local bus services.


Shops and restaurants, churches and schools – are just a few of the amenities available to you in the Strathfield location. The educational institutions of the 2135 area range from public to private and even university-level facilities, with the area boasting a campus of the Australian Catholic University. The neighbouring suburb of South Strathfield offers plenty of cycle paths, reserves and parks such as Dean Reserve and the St Anne’s Reserve, the latter is bordered by the Cooks River which is home to an abundance of wildlife.


In the New South Wales location, you’ll find the suburb of Enfield. For something to do in the area, you should check out its commercial area located on Liverpool Road if you are an avid shopper. Besides that, there are an array of churches and schools in the 2136 location. Should you need to travel further out to access more amenities, you have reliable transport in this tranquil and quiet area, including various bus links.


2137 is a quality suburb in the inner West of Sydney with an abundance of green space, sports fields, and three golf courses within easy driving distance, making it ideal for kids, dog walkers, and growing families. It is 10km west of the Sydney central business district and offers many local amenities like Majors Bay Shopping Village and Queen Elizabeth Park. 2137 also offers the City of Canada Bay Museum and overlooks the Parramatta River. There are also 6 routes via concord for Transit Systems making it easy to get around this bustling location.


Covering the suburbs of Concord West, Liberty Grove and Rhodes, 2138 is in the locality of Parramatta in New South Wales. It is located around 16 kilometres away from the Sydney central business district and has a combined population of around 20,000 people. Liberty Grove in particular has a number of attractive amenities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, village green and parks and shops. There is also the Rhodes Waterside shopping centre that is serviced by the Northern line train station and several bus routes. 2138 also has a number of heritage-listed sites including Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital Buildings and the Yaralla Estate.

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