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7170 is home to the popular Seven Mile Beach, as well as Acton, Cambridge, Mount Rumney, and Roches Beach. The entire region is just 15 km away from Hobart, which makes it easy for the people in 7170 to gain access to a wider range of amenities around the state’s capital. Additionally, 7170 has two rural communities largely known for their scenic beaches; Seven Mile Beach and Roches Beach. Acton Park, on the other hand, is a largely residential rural settlement with 2078 residents. Even though Cambridge has fewer people living in the area, it still has lovely wineries, vast greenery, extensive grapevines, and rustic cottages to explore.


Scenic beaches, walking trails, cycling paths, golf clubs, and fresh-produce farms characterise the region in 7171. It’s a land blessed with agricultural abundance, as well as a central gateway to some popular destinations in the state of Tasmania. The Seven Mile Beach, Barilla bay, The Bluff, and Orielton Lagoon are just some of the landmarks in and around 7171. Midway region, which is the major suburb in the area, is home to about 2,861 inhabitants. 44% of the population is made up of families, while 75% are homeowners. The average age for the residents in Midway Point is 20 to 39, which points to a young and thriving population. However, the area is still largely peaceful, with a tranquil Sunday evening feel to the neighbourhoods.


Tasmania is home to the regions within 7172, Sorrel, Nugent, Orielton, and Pawleena inclusive. The area is 29 KM away from Hobart, and 15 Km away from the International Airport. There are mostly rural settlements in this region, Sorrel is practically the only country town within 7172. With a population of 2,927, it’s quite a busy regional centre. Apart from being the most prominent in 7172, Sorrel is also the last big town en route to the Tasman Peninsula and the East Coast. One of the major allures of this town is its proximity to Hobart, yet beyond that, there are a lot of green fields, farmlands, historic churches and buildings, and colonial accommodations.


A residential locality of Launceston, 7248 is located around 7 kilometres North. It is located on the Eastern side of the Tamar River. The University of Tasmania, Australian Maritime College and TasTAFE have a campus in 7248. Transport is provided through route A8 of the East Tamar Highway, running North to South. For recreational events, visit the Tasmanian Turf Club Sports Complex, or take a trip to the serene Lilydale Falls waterfalls. It is populated by families and singles, with exceptional parks and recreation, a mix of new and character homes, and is conveniently located only 5-10 minutes drive from Launceston.


7249 covers the areas of Glen Dhu, Kings Meadows, Punchbowl, Sandhill, South Launceston and Youngtown. The area is described as a beautiful character city, attractive to mainland buyers as a good-sized regional town with low unemployment levels. 7249 boasts many wineries, with excellent proximity to the coastline and almost no traffic congestion. The iconic Cataract Gorge is a sight not to be missed in the area, with facilities like swimming pools, a railway and a landscaped Victorian garden that features peacocks!


Whether you're in Launceston, Riverside, or another suburb around 7250, there are loads to do throughout the year thanks to your temperate climate and the diverse nature of your neighbourhood. Enjoying four distinct seasons means there are times throughout the year when you can capitalise on the chance to walk, cycle, or enjoy outdoor pursuits like golf, and times when you'll want to head indoors to enjoy the shops and opportunities to eat and drink from a rich variety of cultures.


7253 is blessed with both large residential areas, some lovely localities, and fast-industrializing towns as well. George Town, Bell Bay, and the coastal town of Low head. It’s a calm and cosy settlement for people who love vast, unoccupied lands, country-style cottages, Ocean views, and beaches. It may be different from the bustling heartiness of major towns and cities in the mainlands, but it seems that’s what most residents love about the areas within 7253. It’s a lovely place to unwind, enjoy the scenic views provided by the various natural attractions, and maybe even start a fresh business, make new friends, or raise a family.


Scottsdale is not only the largest town within 7260 but the mots vast from Launceston to the east coast of Tasmania. It’s situated around other areas within 7260 like Jetsonville, Tongonah, Lisle, Forester, and Komona. The entire 7260 region boasts lush greenery, extensive farmlands, and immense forests. The town is surrounded by hills, mountains, and a network of trees running down to various streets and neighbourhoods within the town. Furthermore, you’ll find that 7260 has more of an older population, a lot of retirement villas, yet still has a plethora of activities for all age groups. Scottdale alone offers elevated roads for mountain biking, massive gulf courses, lavender farms to explore, and a host of cafes, bistros, and restaurants with diverse cuisines.


Bridgenorth, Grindelwald, Legana, and Rosevears are the areas within the 7277 postcode. The entire region is quite close to Launceston while it’s about 170 KM away from the capital of Tasmania. On the Western coastlines of the Tamar River lies Rosevears, home to exotic hotels, voguish restaurants, and lovely resorts. Rosevears offers an easy drive from Launceston to the drylands that lie beyond the Tamar River. Legana, on the other hand, is a rural area with large expanses of land overlaying the compact residential areas. Grindelwald is an out-of-a-book town that may just intrigue many Harry Potter fans. It’s scenic, with a classic country look, towering trees, conservation areas, and lovely lookouts.


10 KM away from Launceston lies Hadspen, the only suburb within 7290. The town has fast become a commuter suburb in the state of Tasmania, thanks to the affordable housing, tranquil neighbourhoods, and vibrant community. The 2,275 residents are made up of families, retirees, singles, and professionals. Apart from the standard communities from schools, to petrol stations, and shopping hubs. Plus, there’s a lovely riverside park with walking trails for fitness enthusiasts, cyclists, and practically anyone to enjoy. Furthermore, there’s a wildlife nature reserve, abridged gorge, mine and heritage centre, wine valleys, and lavender gardens to explore.


The areas within 7301 are located in the state of Tasmania, and the nearest urban centre to this region is the beautiful city of Launceston. Furthermore, the area is characterised by lush waterfalls, colourful lakes, heightened lookout peaks, and fine rose gardens. Longford, one of the most prominent areas within 7301 is a largely residential area with a population of 3,844. 73% are homeowners and about 49% of the residents are made up of families. There’s a good mix of country-styled homes as well as more voguish estates with terrace houses with more acreage. The town is generally quiet and peaceful with good parks, recreational centres, standard medical facilities, and more commercial buildings up for grabs.


Rolling green fields, scenic rivers, colourful flora, and thick bushlands are just some of the features to soak in around the 7302 regions. The entire area is just 36 km away from Launceston and consists of Bracknell, Cressy, and Poatina. Bracknell is a rural community with lovely greenery and extensive lands, but a sparse population of 459. It’s a largely residential and agricultural community that depends largely on servicing the local produce needs within and outside its borders. Cressy, is a more modern town, with a growing community of 1,111 residents. It’s home to Brady’s lookout, a fly fishing museum, and a conservation area. Poatina has a smaller population of 96 people, yet has some lovely side attractions from classy hotels, to lovely theme parks, and performing arts facilities.


7303 consists of Birralee, Cluan, Exton, Oaks, Osmaston, Westbury, and Whitemore. It’s a large postcode within Launceston, Tasmania. It may be 158 km away from Hobart, yet it boasts the basic amenities most people need to get about their everyday activities. Westbury, one of the areas in 7303 has a population of 2,012 with an average age of 60 plus. Additionally, most of the residents in the area live in their own homes, with about 23% of the inhabitants staying in rental apartments. There’s a 50:50 ratio when it comes to the families and singles residing in Westbury, still, there are lots to do for everyone from enjoying a weekend at a homely cottage to viewing some lovely pieces at a choice gallery.


7304 has almost 30 areas within its borders, Deloraine, Brandon, Elizabeth Town and Montana are just a few examples. The region itself is 57 KM away from Launceston and 145 KM far from Hobart, Tasmania’s capital. Deloraine is one of the popular areas out of the multiple areas. The quaint suburb lies at the base of the Great Western Tiers mountain range with a population of 2,849 and an average age of 60. There are up to five schools in the area; three primary schools and two secondary schools. The residents enjoy everything from festivals, fine arts and crafts, antique shops, National Parks, distinct flora and fauna and delectable cuisines.


Launceston is just 92 km away from 7306 with Hobart being even further, with a distance of 180 km between the two regions. Sheffield is just one out of 20 areas in 7306 and lies on the northwest coast of Tasmania. Sheffield is just 13 km southwest of Promised Land, another town in 7306 that promises lovely views, a homely vibe, victorian mazes, fun theme parks, and amusement parks. In Sheffield, there’s a lovely mural park that just adds a lot of colour to the already vibrant town. For marine activities, Sheffield leads residents to Lake Barrington and Devil’s Gate, which double as picnic venues, and a hub for delicious food, beer, wine, and cider.


On the Northern Coast of Tasmania, overlooking the Bass Strait towards Australia’s mainland, is 7307, home to the suburbs of Latrobe, Harford, Shearwater, and Sassafras, just to name a few. With small, but welcoming populations, suburbs such as Latrobe have become known for being wonderful places to call home. Latrobe boasts numerous sports teams, and sports events, celebrated by the local community. Shopping is also easily within reach of residents of 7307, with a central shopping district found along Gilbert Street.


7310 is well-populated with cafes, fine-dining restaurants, casual contemporary and fast-food joints. It certainly has that city look, yet still encapsulates the tranquil and green scenery some people crave in less urban settlements. Devonport, being the main city in the area, is an excellent example. It’s somewhat overlooked by tourists which makes it a top choice for those that love peace, quiet and some more acres on their land. 7310 also connects to surrounding cities like Melbourne thanks to its proximity to Tasmania and the major seaport that links the two cities.


7315 is situated on the northern coast of Tasmania, with a population of almost 15,000 people. The area has undergone substantial improvement by the Central Coast Council to improve the area to tourists, such as adding a new basketball stadium, the Schweppes arena, and the Leven bridge. A notable sight of interest is the war memorial clock tower in the area. 7315 also added a walking track open to the public between Turners Beach and Ulverstone to encourage residents to get out and about in nature!

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