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The well-planned town of Penguin lies within the 7316 regions alongside some beautiful localities like Heybridge and West Pines. In Penguin, there’s an actual Penguin Beach that features quite the gathering of penguins, especially in the summer. There are about 3862 people living in Penguin alone, and 78% are homeowners. Furthermore, the fact that 7316 sits nestled between Burnie and Davenport makes it an excellent choice for those who need to commute for work, or simply prefer another suburb or urban city with more amenities around.


With a population of 18,336, 7320 is located on the beautiful and remote island state of Tasmania, the smallest state in Australia. Admired for its wild scenery, wonderful wildlife and quiet beaches, there is no shortage of natural beauty to enjoy. Situated by the coast, there are many attractive suburbs in 7320, including the port city of Burnie, and the small towns or Cooee and Shorewell Park. You’ll also find great artisanal food and drink scene.


Launceston is the closest urban area to the 7322 regions. Tasmania lies about 239 KM away, while Wynyard Airport is only 8.7 Km far. It lies to the west of Burnie with a population of 3,908. Most of the residents in the area are singles, while about 47% of the population is made up of families. Although the median age in this region is 60, there are a lot of thrilling events and places to explore in and around 7322. Somerset boasts a scenic beach, the Oldaker falls, an observation centre, and some tranquil parks. Plus, it’s surrounded by popular features like EMU Bay, Blackman Point, Port Maldon, and Ocean Wharf.


The extinct volcano near Wynyard is just one of the places that attract both locals and visitors to regions within the postcode 7325. The name now characterizes a small community with a population of about 324 according to the 2011 census. There’s a beach surrounded by rocky mountains and hills, a lighthouse watching over the waters, and several lush farms to admire while driving through this locality. Yola is another town promising pristine waterfalls, picturesque creeks, and fine hilltop buildings. Additionally, there are other local communities in the 7325 postcode like Morleah, Calder, and Flowerdale which boast standard schools, abundant greenery, and forests, as well as peaceful rivers and greenhouses.


7330 is home to over 20 areas with a mix of suburbs, localities, rivers, and scenic bays. The area sits 294 Km off Hobart, but Launceston is much closer with just 190 KM separating the two regions. Smithton, one of the major suburbs within the region lies close to the Bass Highway, with Burnie situated 85 Km North West. There are 3,883 people living within the region, and 55% of that population are single. Still, couples still find this a perfect location to raise their families, thanks to the tranquil wind farms, heritage centres, scenic beaches, rocky oceans, and safe parks.


Tasmania is home to the Stanley, the only are in 7331. It’s 173 km away from Launceston, and even further away from Hobart, Tasmania’s capital. This romantic and scenic area sits on a slim shaving of land by Tasmania’s northwest coast. One of the most memorable features of 7331 would have to be the large volcanic plug that extends from the waters at the edge of the town. Furthermore, Stanley is a quaint town with a rich history and culture, however, some of the activities like fishing have largely reduced over the years. The area is now majorly known for its spectacular geographic features, heightened chairlift, heritage walks, and tasteful local cuisines.


A short distance from Darwin lies 810 hugging the shorelines along Coconut Grove, Rapid Creek, and Nightcliff. Spend a great day out at the locally famous Rapid Creek Markets, where you’ll find a celebration of cultures and wares, including vibrant arts, crafts, homemade foods, exotic plants, and fresh seafood. Discover bright picnic spots across 810, where plenty of food vans are available. Head inland to Casuarina Square, where you’ll find shopping centres suitable for the whole family. Local youth can enrol at the Charles Darwin University situated in Brinkin for a mix of city-based and coastal student life.


812 is located in the Northern Territory of Australia, 3.9km away from Darwin International Airport. This area of Australia is well-known for its colourful desert landscapes in the Outback. Many of the suburbs in 812 are small and can be explored within a day, so stop off for a snack in Anula and visit the marketplaces in Malak. For a more energetic day, visit the water playground at Leanyer Recreation Park. The capital city of Darwin is approximately 10km away, close to the Charles Darwin National Park.


Surrounded by crystal blue waters of Fannie Bay, the rising region of 820 is home to scenic marinas with plenty of places to taste fresh seafood. There’s a real sense of community in 820 where you can enjoy quality local produce from weekly markets in Parap. Cullen Bay invites residents to enjoy its top bars, restaurants, and cafes while taking in the beautiful scenes. Outdoor lovers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing one of the many cycle routes throughout The Gardens.


Discover bright picnic spots across Nightcliff, where plenty of food vans are available. Head inland to Casuarina Square, where you’ll find shopping centres suitable for the whole family. Local youth can enrol at the Charles Darwin University situated in Brinkin for a mix of city-based and coastal student life.


870 has a number of suburbs, including Mount Johns, Desert Springs, and Alice Springs City; the third-largest town in the Northern Territory. The original inhabitants of the area, the Arrernte, know this area as 'Mparntwe', and have lived in the Central Australian Desert (in and around Alice Springs) for thousands of years. 870 hosts a hot desert climate, as it is just south of the Tropic of Capricorn, but that shouldn't stop you from discovering the rich history and culture of the Aboriginal people in the area.

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