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The relatively new suburbs of Merrylands and Merrylands West in 2160 are both up-and-coming areas, with more and more investment being channeled into both housing and retail. There’s plenty to do, too, particularly on Merrylands’ main high street. Go shopping for an afternoon in the Stockland Merrylands Shopping Centre, and then choose from one of many different multicultural restaurants for a delicious evening meal. In this diverse and welcoming location, you’re likely to meet lots of personable people, whether they work in the local library or chemist, or they pass you in the bustling streets.


2161 is a suburb of Sydney located within New South Wales, filled with prosperous opportunities throughout Yennora’s industrial areas. The residential area of Woodpark is situated on the border of the Prospect Canal Cycleway, perfect for a family day out! You’ll also find various shops, takeaway choices, cake makers, and convenience stores; however, if you’re looking for more options, Greystanes shopping centre is just a short drive further. As younger families relocate into affordable properties, the future of 2161 is looking bright!


Sefton in New South Wales is located in the suburb of 2162, approximately 23 km west of central Sydney and sharing its postcode with the neighbouring suburb of Chester Hill. Both suburbs in 2162 have primary and secondary schooling in their residential areas, along with excellent transport via the Sydney trains service. Sefton has a number of sporting facilities available, including Jenson Oval and Sefton Golf Course. Chester Hill hosts a lovely shopping centre, as well as a number of parks suitable for all ages to enjoy.


Located in New South Wales, 2163 encompasses the areas of Carramar, Lansdowne and Villawood in the locality of Bankstown. Carramar has shy of 4000 residents and has been described as a forgotten suburb due to the dilapidated nature of its streets. Lansdowne has a notable set of traffic lights in the area, described as the Meccano Set. And the last area of 2163, Villawood, has thriving commercial areas including a bakery, chemists and grocers, as well as other stores.


Multiple streets in 2164 are named after incredibly renowned people, including Shakespeare, John Locke, Geoffrey Chaucer, and Robert Frost. Featuring a nature reserve with local flora and fauna, Wetherill Park is a beautiful place to visit or live. Knowing this, Italian footballer Christian Vieri even made this suburb his home! Its Shakespeare park was recently renovated, and the Wetherill Park contains a place of worship – a Buddhist temple, while sports grounds and a skate park are also available in the surrounding Smithfield area.


The suburbs of Sydney offer an abundance of activities for the whole family! Business is always thriving throughout 2165, where commercial and residential development opportunities are highly accessible. Rich in culture, Fairfield is one of Australia’s most multicultural cities where residents can make full use of green spaces such as Endeavor Sports Reserve, shopping malls, and cinemas. With an array of delicious cuisine, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a restaurant. Take in some fresh air with the kids at parks located within Fairfield Heights, positioned approximately 66-131ft above sea level!


Found in the western suburbs of Sydney, 2166 is a wonderful neighbourhood comprising the Cambramatta and Canley Heights suburbs. You have loads to do in your neighbourhood, while also enjoying a short commute into the centre of Sydney, additional activities in neighbouring Liverpool, and the Blue Mountains out to the west. The neighbourhood itself is one of Sydney's most diverse, with a substantial Vietnamese and Chinese population reflected locally in everything from the Freedom Plaza's Friendship Arch to the shops and eateries that fill 2166's streets.


If you're looking for a school for your children or teenagers, there are plenty in the 2167 postcode. In the Glenfield suburb, there are also several parks and many reserves to be enjoyed and explored as a family. Services in this area are plenty. You've got home improvement services, locksmiths and key cutters, television antenna services, and lots more. If you need to travel beyond the Glenfield suburb and the 2167 postcode, you have a rail service that runs through the suburb. With parkland, services, and schools, the Glenfield suburb is great for families and a great place to live.


Thriving with family life, 2168 is positioned with excellent city links at just 38KM away from the west of Sydney’s central business district. It has easy access to the Hoxton Road leading directly into the city of Liverpool. 2168 unites neighbourhoods through popular community sports located at parks across Ashcroft and Busby; this is a superb opportunity for the kids to stay active and meet new friends. Miller is facilitated with exceptional tennis amenities; McGirr Park offers both team and one-to-one coaching sessions.


While you're only 28km out of Sydney, there are loads to do in 2170! The diverse range of age groups and cultures means you can go from work to play and find plenty to do, whatever your interests. Loads are going on in the shops and cafes around 2170 whether in Liverpool, Lurnea, or elsewhere, with plenty of green spaces and parks to keep the kids happy, too. In a city outside of the city, find things to do around 2170 and keep yourself and the whole family entertained!


Residents of 2127 have an abundance of opportunities to appreciate outdoor spaces, especially if you're a dog owner. At In Cecil Hills, embrace vibrant family-friendly green spaces, play areas, and seated shelters within Gough Park or Dunmbral Park. Or perhaps take a trip to Hoxton Park's Trash and Treasure Grand Bazaar, where you'll find all kinds of hidden gems. In 2127, you'll never be far from a delicious meal; choose from various cuisines originating from Italy, Vietnam, the Middle East, and Thailand. Also, 2127 has excellent city transportation. A car ride to Sydney's City Centre will take under 45 minutes.


A residential suburb with plenty of amenities such as shopping centres and nature hotspots, 2173 is home to around 9000 people. Located just 30 kilometres southwest of the Sydney central business district, the area is known for its strong community feel, offering events such as an annual Easter Egg Hunt and Christmas carolling. Points of natural interest in 2173 include Wattle Grove Park and Australis Park, where many residents are seen strolling with their families!


The 2174 postcode is only 34 km away from Sydney, in New South Wales. It consists of Edmondson Park and Ingleburn Milpo, and they are both under the Campbelltown locality. With a population of 2,271, the suburb of Edmondson Park is still a bit sparse for a town that’s this close to Sydney. It boasts quite a young population, with the average age in the area being 20 to 39. Furthermore, up to 76% of the residents live in their own homes, even though most of the people here are young families and professionals. Still, the allure of the town is in its peaceful sceneries, lovely parks, proximity to shopping areas, and adequate transport systems.


Located in New South Wales, and only 41 minutes away from Central Sydney by car, 2176 is a convenient location to live. Populated largely by families and independent youth 2176 is a metropolitan area with strong ties to the larger Sydney area. Suburbs include Bossley Park, St. John’s Park, and Abbotsbury, which are themselves surrounded by plentiful amenities and attractions, including Sydney Zoo, Flat Rock Beach, and Royal Botanical Gardens. Areas like Bossley Park offer a suburban lifestyle with easy access to larger city life, due to its close proximity to the greater Sydney area.


The plans to renovate Bonnyrigg through housing developments mean that the population of this area is likely to increase by 2022. In the location of 2177, you’ll find a shopping area, a few Asian businesses and public and private schools. Bonnyrigg is just 36km away from the Sydney central business district, but closer to home, you’ll find Bonnyrigg Heights, in which there are also a few schools and a local garden centre.


Austral and Leppington are the only areas within the 2179 postcode. They lie under the locality of Campbelltown with bit cities like Sydney just 39 km away. Surrounding 2179 are popular locations like Mount Annan, Prospect Reservoir, Great Moon Bay, Soily Bottom Point, and Jewfish Bay. Furthermore, Austral is a lovely suburb with a population of 3,024 and a diverse community base. There are a good number of primary and secondary schools, as well as childcare services. Plus, it’s just 10 minutes from the new International Airport, but even more importantly, the commercial hub offers a lot of opportunities for young professionals in and out of the 2179 region.


Greenacre lies in the suburb of 2190, with Mount Lewis at its edge. The suburb is only less than 20 km southwest away from Sydney's Central Business District, with excellent transport links and a fantastic commercial area. Their area also boasts a number of parks available to explore and enjoy, as well as sports and recreational facilities including but not limited to; rugby, soccer and bowling. Finally, there are a great number of schools in the area, so the residential area is perfect for raising a family.


Located just 8 miles South West of Sydney Business District, Belfield is the major suburban area within 2191. It’s known for its many parks, fun recreational spots, and growing real estate market. You’ll find nice deli’s around the town, local markets, fast food joints, restaurants, and fruit shops by the road. 2191 also holds great cultural values, with some old Federation buildings still standing in the area. Plus, the roads are hardly congested, and its centrality makes it easy to access more bustling suburbs and cities like Strathfield, Croydon, and the Central Business District in Sydney itself. While it may not have many options when it comes to malls, schools, and ultra-modern recreation, its proximity to the city makes access to such amenities hassle-free.

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